Language lessons

TOPIC offers language lessons in all languages and at all levels. We organize the courses in the specific language according to the terminology of the company.

The courses are conducted as private lessons or as internal company lessons with maximum six participants at the same language level.

Prior to admission to a language course, the course participant will be subjected to a language test. The language test is our tool to prepare a course programme. When the course programme is completed, we will ask for feedback with suggestions to class set-up, number of lessons and the content of the lessons.

At TOPIC we secure a high standard by providing:
– needs assessments
– language level tests
– tailored course programmes
– written mid-term evaluations of course satisfaction
– written final evaluations of course satisfaction and
– supporting the participant’s further development of language skills after completion of the course.

We use skilled instructors with a relevant education. They are all native speakers of their teaching language.

The courses can be conducted at your (work) place or at TOPIC between 8.00 AM and 2.00 PM (extra charge for weekend lessons).

One lesson is 40 minutes.


How do I know which course suits me best?

The course will be customised according to your wishes, needs and goals, based upon your current language proficiency.

What is the first step before I start the course?

We offer a no-obligation meeting with the teacher, where you get the opportunity to discuss the content of the course, the structure and talk about your expectations and goals. On the basis of your current language level and the aims of the course, the teacher will devise a competency assessment and a course plan.

How much homework can I expect?

Our teachers will always ask you, how much time you have for homework. It is up to you, but we recommend at least one hour of homework between the lessons.

Language lessons for children

TOPIC offers language lessons in English, French, Spanish and Danish for children at all ages. The Danish lessons are tailored specifically to foreign children who, in addition to learning the language, also need an introduction to Danish culture.

We use public school teachers with experience within bilingual language teaching to teach the children, as they are familiar with educational and skilled learning methods.

In addition to traditional teaching, our skilled teachers include games and age appropriate activities to support the learning of the child.

Before the course begins, the child will have an informal talk with the teacher in order to get an overview of the needs and abilities of the child. Based on that talk, the teacher will plan the course together with the parents to fit the lessons to the needs of the child. We have experience from public school teaching, and therefore we see it as a natural part of the process to cooperate with the school or day-care centre of the child.

It is very import to us that the teaching is not only efficient, but also a fun and positive experience for the child.


TOPIC language school has existed since 1991 and organizes general and business-tailored courses in all languages. As something new we also organize language lessons for children and cooperate with public school teachers experienced within bilingual language teaching.

It is crucial for us that the teacher meets the course participant at his/her language level. At TOPIC we believe that tailored solutions for the individual will give the best results. We recognize that people learn differently, and we make use of different teaching methods in our courses.

Our experience shows that you get the best result when the collaboration between the course participant and the teacher is working – we only use the most competent teachers. All teachers are being tested before Topic starts cooperating with them, and they are regularly coached in educational and learning methods.

TOPIC also offers translation and proofreading of both short and comprehensive texts.


TOPIC offers translation of all types of texts in your company – both short and comprehensive.

We cooperate with state-certified translators and can thus make translations of texts to and from all languages.

TOPIC can help you with translations of legal documents, accounts, sales material, presentations, etc.

TOPIC also offers proofreading of translated texts.